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Facets (foo_facets)

This update is a complete rewrite of the original component. Highlights include album art views, a new filter toolbar for easy access to frequently used searches, automatic column width adjustment, smooth scrolling, playlist content browsing, editable autoplaylists, additional statistics, refined looks, and performance improvements.

Please give feedback on the import of previous settings, new features, as well as any problems you encounter.

Release notes
Change log

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #1
Working great so far...

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #2
that was unexpected..... very cool.

one little issue found: could you add support for png files with transparency please. the default artwork panel and all other 3rd party components display them ok.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #3
1. Posible bug: when select 'Layout editing mode' from facets and than deselect this not disable until restart foobar.
2. Would be nice: search box a big bigger (border smaller)

PS. Thanks for this component.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #4
Thank you, it's great to see active development and new interfaces

There are some problems when adjusting splitters between columns, both in Facets and SimPlaylist manager on XP SP3 and foobar2000 1.1.6

BTW, I miss adjusting option for some columns, like right adjusting numbers in custom facet column

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #5
why not supply the columns UI?


it is very well as default UI

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #6
FYI, foobar2000 1.1.7b1 (Win7 x64) crashes when I try to install this new version.  I've submitted a few crash reports.  I tried with my existing foo_facets configuration and with a "clean" configuration (just deleting the foo_facets.dll.cfg file).  Thanks.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #7
Great. Facets is one of the essential plug-ins for me.

There seems to be an issue with the column widths (too small) when using Folder as a selector. Also the widget isn't  completely rewritten when I select a tab with Facets component with Folder as a selector. Other selectors don't have this redraw problem.


Update: I forgot to mention the previous version had a similar issue with column widths.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #8
A pleasant surprise, thanks !

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #9
thanks for this improved component. makes me drop esplaylist now. It solve all my speed problems too.
Anyway - I found a weird behaviour.

I set Selection action to Send to selection playlist, keep playing playlist (default) then I select a bunch of tracks from facet and play it.
If I select some other tracks, foobar hangs (keeps playing, but no click/shortcut works)
set Selection action to Send to selection playlist works without problems. Maybe I miss something?!

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #10
Indeed... what a surprise. Works really great. And thank you for the selection behavior with "selection" and "playing" playlist like in Columns UI with "filter results". My most wanted feature for Facets.

I'm not sure if it's more a thing of the component "Playlist organizer", but when I'm playing a song (playlist "Facets Selection") and then browse through the library the playlist "Facets Selection" jumps at the end (second picture). It would be great if both Facets playlists would stay under the tree "Default" (first picture).

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #11
don't know about other guys but it's quite unusual for me when search/filter results are highlighted instead of filtered. It's difficult to track the next item on a large playlist. I'd appreciate the usual search behavior.

the SOURCE and RESET buttons could be merged into search box to save space / keep UI minimalistic.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #12

thanks very much, facets is the most important component forme and I love the new features.
Sadly, the automatic column width adjustment is not working at all here because I can't adjust it. Now I have a much to broas column whe it onle says "a", or "b" and a much too narrow Album Title column and I can't to anything against it.

I have a transportable installation on XP pro, SP3


Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #13
Foobar 1.1/7

What I am seeing with column widths:

Dragging on a splitter will show a witness line indicating what you are trying to do. Column splitter will not move. However with a close and reopen of foobar, the splitter did indeed move.

Within an individual multiple column column, the individual columns [within that single facet] adjust fine.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #14
I think I have found a couple of bugs :
  • If you use only "Source" and "Filter" in the toolbar (in this order) and place them on the left side of the toolbar, then the "Filter" button will be shifted to the right side after clicking or selection of a filter
  • Glitch: There is a thin white line appearing above the toolbar when the toolbar is above the facets.

V1.1.6/XP SP3

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #15
Very nice update! Smooth scrolling is already proving to be very useful, and I'm sure I'll make good use of some of the other new features. I encountered a tiny visual issue, a thin white line above the Facets toolbar, as show in the screenshot below, which wasn't present in previous versions. The line appears either when upgrading from older versions or on a clean install of the component.

I have a minor request, though. Would it be possible to have the old search box back? The list of previously used searches was a handy thing to have, plus you save space in the toolbar without a dedicated 'Reset' button.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #16
Really really nice, thanks a lot.

A question: Is the option to have a dedicated "Facets selection" playlist lost?  I really used that feature a lot.


1) I added a new filter: lyrics MISSING. When I add lyrics to the file, it remains in the playlist. This it also did in previous version when foobar started with focus on the Facet selection, but was solved by clicking on any facet filter and returning to the desired condition (say, from one date to another and back), and after that the playlist kept updating. Now it doesn't.

2) Some problems with Playlist Organizer, as noted above, but I can't find a way to reproduce them yet.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #17
SimPlaylist Manager together with new Facets 1.0 beta made two Facets-Playlists named: ...(playing). One worked, one not. I wasn't possible to delete the one of them who didn't work. I could delete the content, but not the playlist. I had to access to my backup, but then it happened again. Sorry - I couldn't reproduce why and when. Changed back to old facets. 
(Win7 32Bit, Foobar 1.1.7 beta1)

For me there are too much filters and gimmiks. (I know: I'm NOT alone in the world with this position. Let your wife or girlfriend play with these filters! They will never see "the filter is on!" Oh, I forgot: foobar2000 isn't for DAUs and wifes...    ). I'm going to work without the Filter-Toolbar, because I don't want any marital conflict.

The only thing I was waiting for a long time where the "two changing facet-playlists" ("looking" and "playing"). No playlist-overwriting anymore! Great! 

Please let the old version stay for downloading!
It's not good to give the new beta into "check for updated components" and deleting the download for the old one untill everthing is perfect.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #18
Great to see that development of this wonderful component is continued, thanks!

I didn't find time to have a deeper look into new features, especially album art display. So far i have just one question: is there any special reason why no action is definable for middleclick? I had same settings for album list and facets so far concerning double/middleclick. maybe it is my own and lonesome opinion: but it would be senseful to keep consistency between these library viewers.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #20
Thanks for the update!
Is it possible to keep the "single click->send to current playlist" option? it is available on the double-click action, but not in the single-click one.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #21
Great update!

Would it be possible to have keyboard shortcut for activating the search box (similar to foo_quicksearch)?

I like to have my ctrl+F bound to search box for easy searching...

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #22
This is great, I love the album art. Thanks!

I have a couple of problems: I keep finding the default sort order gets reset to a blank line, so my music doesn't get sorted properly when I try and play it. I'm not sure why/when it happens but it is quite frequent. Another thing is I often find when I right click an item I get the Columns/Statistics/Display context menu instead of the normal one, I have to right click a second time to get it. I'd be grateful if you could take a look at those. Cheers.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #23
I'm not sure if it's more a thing of the component "Playlist organizer", but when I'm playing a song (playlist "Facets Selection") and then browse through the library the playlist "Facets Selection" jumps at the end (second picture). It would be great if both Facets playlists would stay under the tree "Default" (first picture).

2) Some problems with Playlist Organizer, as noted above, but I can't find a way to reproduce them yet.

It should be fixed now (with a hack). Please get  the new version of Playlist organizer.
@Franck: I could have implemented a cleaner solution with a response to my post here. Thanks for your help.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #24
Beta 2 released, see the first post for details.

I like to have my ctrl+F bound to search box for easy searching...

Assign it to [main] / Library / Facets.

Thanks for all feedback.