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Vista Sidebar Gadget

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I am having some trouble with v. 4.0.  It seems that the Now Playing gadget and Foobar are not syncing up.  When I open Foobar, the gadget never changes from the Foobar logo.  It is acting like Foobar is not running.  I have tried updating the gadget but nothing changes.

Any ideas?

Edit: Nevermind.  I finally thought to reinstall Foobar and that took care of it.  Thanks to any readers.

Vista Sidebar Gadget

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Anybody tried this on windows 7?

Vista Sidebar Gadget

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yes, still working on Windows 7 RC.

Vista Sidebar Gadget

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With the last version, 4.05, I have often a strange popup message. This is so disturbing I had to reinstall the 4.0 version. Is there anything to do to override this problem ?


Vista Sidebar Gadget

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Old topic I know, but this gadget is still very useful. I have it working with one minor bug. When I change tracks using foobar, it takes a good 10-20 seconds before the album art and info updates in the gadget. If I change the track using the gadget controls it is instant.

Is there a setting somewhere I can switch to make it update faster?


Vista Sidebar Gadget

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I know this thread seems dead atm, but I figured it was the best place to ask for help. I tried installing this gadget (Windows 7 Professional x64), and whenever I try to use it with Foobar, I get a message reading "Notice: Error Downloading Plugin". Can anyone help me out?