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NG playlist and overlay album art

Hello everybody: 

NG playlist and columns_ui are my favourite interface (CUI), and i use NG for scrolled view playlist. Sometimes i've read in the forums and the wiki of columns_ui (sorry, i don't find now the url's) that musicmusic doesn't seems in work for custom overlay images for NG playlist (like CD-case, overlay and stuff). Otherwise whole component are nearly perfect !.  . It works, obviously, with the usually album art stored in the computer or embedded.
Currently in my layout i've several panels (like track_info_mod, graphical browser and popupplus) that has custom overlayed images.

my track_info_mod  // my graphical_browser  // my popupplus

By this way, i would really like that the playlist had this custom aspect too. Then, i realized, the solution could be copying and modifying the file folder.jpg  inside every album folder. First thought was in editing manually with GIMP every file, adding a template and exporting to every album folder again with another name (like the %album% tag). I begun with the fantastic work of falstaff and other templates found in the forums. Soon i realized in the titanic work because there are more than 8.000 folders and otherwise the results didn't convince me. I think the problem is that the layers are centered, then there are a "wasted"  space below.

However, to copy with another name the files you could use these tweaks ( [a href="" target="_blank"]1
, 2 )  and then view the playlist using the correct script in columns_ui artwork preferences. Even so, the default template CD of the program hasn't enough quality and the reflection of the album file in NG playlist is not very credible. (the layer, again, is located too high. I began to edit my own templates, i managed increase the quality but at the cost of lost proportionality.

[a href="" target="_blank"]  Or perhaps modifying CoverCreator (i don't think so), or by automated GIMP batch processing, or someday NG playlist will be capable in overlay images.
I would like somekind of feedback to manage this way but:

  • without erasing original folder.jpg.
  • copy them with the previous tweak
  • using some the templates given
  • with real sticky mirror effect and proportional

If needed i'll upload some files used.
Many many thanks for reading, greeting all foobar2000 lovers 
more or less, minus is best