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Topic: Please help! - i need some non Columns UI addons! (Read 956 times) previous topic - next topic
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Please help! - i need some non Columns UI addons!

Hello my dear friends!!!

Im trying to find some addons that dont need "Columns UI" to work !!

Im very happy with my default layout and everything and i dont want to change it !

What im searching for :

1. "Star ratings" that will let me rate a song and sort by rates a list!  (I dont know if possible ... to be able to see the rates also to windows explorer - win media player etc.... and if i rate a track from win media player to be able to see it later on foobar) 

2. Spectrum and VU meter that will hold the peak levels with dif colors

3. A parametric EQ

4. Something for search the active list

any help will be very very much appreciated!

*sorry for my English - they have bugs*