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Darkside of foobar skin crashing on album tab

Well I think this may be related to the ati drivers or maybe opengl libraries, but I'm getting a crash all of a sudden when I click on the album tab (to browse the artwork and select albums).  I've been using foobar for years and this panels ui skin for almost 2 years without any problems.

The only thing that has changed in my system has been a graphics driver update (from ATI Catalyst 9.12 to 10.1, then tried 10.2) and when I  found out that it caused a bug with another game I uninstalled and went back to 9.12. 
foobar will keep playing until I kill it by clicking on 'close the program', and the only way to recreate the error is to click on the  albums tab while in this skin only....
I've also updated DirectX and a few malicious code fixes for Windows 7. 

Here is the output of the code that windows presents in notepad, and asks if I want to debug or close the program:

The part that looks like the culprit is the atiolgxx part, which looks like an ati opengl file.....

Here is the skin I use:

I've tried uninstalling foobar, removing all traces of if from Program Files (x86) and %appdata%, as well as running ccleaner for disk cleanup and registry entries.  I've reinstalled my graphics drivers as well.  I've tried enabling triple buffering in the openGL section of the ATI Catalyst Control Center. 
This one is only compatible with foobar version<=

If anyone has any ideas please let me know, I'm desperate.  I love foobar and this skin, so I must get it working.