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Columns UI - top folders

Is there any way to make the top folder level of my library vivble?
I mean those folders containing all the other subfolders.
I tried with 'path,x' but the problem here is that the subfolder structure has different path lengths, so the result is different for the various subfolder structures.

Is there a way to make it look like from within the facets "folder" view?
Unfortunately, facets doesn't list the string used as otherwise I would have tried to copy it over.

Thank you

Columns UI - top folders

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no one having any idea?

With Top folder I mean: the path level sitting right after the drive letter (in my case: x:\AM, X:\BM, x:\JM - from there I go through with various genres like for example BeBop in JM which stands for Jazz-Music)

The point why I want to display this level inside the browser is because I have around 100 genres hidden inside such folders which makes it cumbersome to navaigate. It is muchc quicker and easier when I can decide on one branch first, then walk from there to the slightest twig.

In case anyone has an idea of how to solve this: I'd be very grateful indeed.

Columns UI - top folders

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Code: [Select]

The number at the end defines how many directory levels it should go down from the root.

It's not me who made this. It's someone in this forum but i don't remember who. Credits to her/him.