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Re: foo_vis_shpeck - My way of using relative path for shpeck for portable fb2k

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My way of using relative path for shpeck for portable foobar2000 installation:

1. open foo_vis_shpeck.dll in hex editor and change "C:\Program Files\Winamp" to ".\fx" (keep original file size, add some "00" byte padding if needed)
2. remove foo_vis_shpeck.dll.cfg from the configuration directory
3. create "fx" directory in foobar's root directory, create there empty winamp.exe file and Plugins subdirectory
4. put all your winamp's vis plugins into .\fx\Plugins\ directory
5. create foobar2000.bat in foobar's root dir to run foobar2000 from:
Code: [Select]
set foobar_root=%~dp0
set PATH=%PATH%;%foobar_root%
start foobar2000.exe
6. run foobar2000.bat
7. open shpeck configuration pane, plugins list should be populated
8. run any desired visualization, it should be working

PS: foobar2000 uses "traditional" way of dll loading, i.e. any dll should have absolute path OR be in the %PATH% variable. That batch file temporarily adds foobar's root directory to the environment, in which foobar then runs. After that, foo_vis_shpeck.dll tries to load dlls from .\fx\Plugins, but it will succeed only if it find the first part of foobar's root directory (which is in the %PATH% now). That's it. 

Added modified foo_vis_shpeck.dll so you don't have to edit it.

Re: foo_vis_shpeck

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No. Yirkha has moved onto other things, mostly employed by MS.

Re: foo_vis_shpeck

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Cheers. Yeah, unfortunately ProjectM is a very poor substitute for Milkdrop in a number of ways. It's missing many of the features, doesn't load all the Milkdrop presets properly, has no settings or title display options etc.

Re: foo_vis_shpeck

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I could never get it to work either, so I'm still using Milkdrop. I have no plans to move to 64bit for the foreseeable future anyway.