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4 questions/feature requests

I'm an old foobar user. But I have several wishes for foobar2000 to become an ideal player for me...

(1) Replaygain scan. I'd like replaygain scanning to be integrated with playback. If you have played some record it would contain replaygain information, no need to scan it afterwords. Actually, I allways scan replaygain BEFORE playing, but people who don't care about rg or don't know what it is will get rg for free...

(2) The same thing applies to cd-riping. You play CD and then you get PCM copy of it without any extra effort. After player has obtained the copy of the disk it'll start the compression.

(3) Convertor and file operations (move/rename or copy file) should share the same dialog or at least settings for renaming/saving files.

(4) Burning CD. foo_burnitrate makes a good job. It burns Audio CDs. But I'd like it to burn Data CDs (MP3 CDs) too, like iTunes do. I can do it with Nero, if I save an M3U playlist. Nero will load file list from M3U file. But I need Nero or foobar2000 to rename files on the CD (but not on the HDD). I want either of them to prepend %playlist_number% to the file name. I can copy all files with Move/Rename or Copy dialog before burning, but I don't want to. I want files to stay the same on the HDD but to get properly renamed on the CD. I know MP3 CD hardware is out of fasion, but I steal use it sometimes.

4 questions/feature requests

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I second the last one, but just how the hell do you make nero add files from the m3u file? Nero just keep adding the m3u file, not its content 
I just like listening to music

4 questions/feature requests

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You should use ``Create MP3 CD'' task


4 questions/feature requests

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Yes you can use that to add mp3 files but the files that's not mp3 will be ignored by nero, like all the vorbis files I have
I just like listening to music