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An idea for kiosk mode

Hi, people have asked for kiosk mode or full-screen mode before. While I'm not the kind of person who'd want such a feature, I do think it would be a nice add-on.

I got an idea today. Instead of building a kiosk mode for foobar2000 itself, why not use Mozilla Firefox in kiosk mode, together with a Firefox extension like Foxytunes?

If Firefox extensions for kiosk mode do not work well with Foxytunes, (I haven't tried this myself,) would it be possible to build a new Firefox extension for running foobar2000 in kiosk mode? If yes, would it be feasible as well?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I would pleased if people could add to this idea to make stuff work.

An idea for kiosk mode

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I see your idea as a very good one. I was thinking about having a silent PC (such as a mini-ITX) in the living room for the music, but with the possibility of having a quick and simple access to the collection. ATM I am looking at myHTPC, Xlobby, etc but it is both overkill for certain aspects and underloaded for others (such as a good database view).
A kiosk mode with pages generated from the foobar2000 database could be a very good and powerfull approach.