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wondering what i should use here

i've seen a couple screenshots of things with album art sitting on the desktop, i'd assume using foo_looks... i've been trying to modify the skins that are available for it but it is hideously impossible for me to make it work. 

is there another plugin to just float an album art image on my desktop?  or is anyone good and fast that can just make a foo_looks script to do so?  =)  i tried, but i can't code =(

wondering what i should use here

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Probably Toaster or PrettyPop. Both threads should be on the first or second page of this forum.


wondering what i should use here

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pretty popup is cool, except i can't get the album art to work =(

anything in particular i should be putting in the album art space in teh config?  if all my music is in x:\dir\album\ with a folder.jpg in each, how do i format that?