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catch RealAudio streams

search engine sucks.

Sorry, my 20k DU tries my patience with this search engine.

First thing I do with the winamp updates is disable visuals, don't play video etc etc.  so a pure audio player is interesting but I have to listen to a ram stream.  Is there hope for me.

I may be able to switch to wmp.  Is that supported or will be, thx.

Also my total recorder has major problems with directsound so I hope wav output will still be possible.

Rocky Jet Cat

media player

catch RealAudio streams

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catch RealAudio streams

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My thoughts exactly!! ...
Really, no offence RockyJ, but i have no idea what to make out of all you wrote.. (maybe try to rephrase?..)

catch RealAudio streams

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RockyJ, I'm afraid that Real has copyrighted all of their technology so a plugin isn't possible for Foobar2000.  Saying that howevere, it is possible that a plugin could be made to utilise the .dll files in Real's player to play them in Foobar via Real.  This means that you could never uninstall real though.

catch RealAudio streams

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sorry guys, wtf probably.

Just came here and a new audio player besides winamp would suit me fine.

But I need to get the RA streams.  Is it possible.

One reply said in a way with a pluggin.  But we need the RA SDK I guess.

catch RealAudio streams

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Two words: <snip> <snip>
[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']Hmm, might have been in violation of forum rules #9.[/span]

Well, there is probably some program out there on the net that can save streamed Real media.

catch RealAudio streams

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No, you will not be able to play RealAudio streams at this time.

No, you will not be able to play them with Windows Media Player, either. You will only be able to play them with RealOne, or if you can dig through their site, you might find the well-hidden RealPlayer 8 that they provide for "older computers," although it may or may not automatically download the CODECs necessary to play newer RealMedia v9 streams.

Unrelated, but for Linux users, RealOne is the preferred player, as it actually supports the Xv API for hardware color space conversion and stretching. RealPlayer 8 only supports the old X software blitting mechanism, which is slow, and does not support hardware stretching.

catch RealAudio streams

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I just went into real site and downloaded their SDK which suppose to be useable for client side programs.

Am I really in an exercise of futility to write a program  to read realAudio streams and send them to this new player here or even try for a winamp pluggin.

Please explain, if you know, because I am a very inexperienced (but persistent) programmer and it will take me a long time to do the research necessary for this.


catch RealAudio streams

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I have a package called unRealOne that will only install the DLL's you need to play Real files. It uses the latest official DLL's so you can basically play any type of realaudio or video, including streaming. Any program can basically utilize these DLLs...