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Is my Foobar2000 really corrupted?

I have downloaded and reinstalled Foobar v2.1.4 X64 and reinstalled it. When I check the online troubleshooter, I get this message...

"foobar2000 help: corrupted foobar2000 installation

You have reached this page because you appear to be running a modified or corrupted version of foobar2000, one that did not come from us.

We strongly recommend that you uninstall your copy of foobar2000 and scan your system for malicious software.

Note that you should always download foobar2000 from the official site ( Download it from any other source at your own risk. We have no control over what other people put in their "foobar2000 installers" and take no responsibility for any damage to your system they might cause."

I think this might be in error, since I have downloaded my version of foobar right from Any ideas?

Re: Is my Foobar2000 really corrupted?

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I think the troubleshooter sends your component list so posting it here might allow someone to check it out.

File>Preferences>Components>Copy report.

edit: ignore, see below. :P

Re: Is my Foobar2000 really corrupted?

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Thanks for reporting.

Web site glitch has been fixed, there's nothing wrong with your install.
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Re: Is my Foobar2000 really corrupted?

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Thanks for letting me know.  That's what I figured. No worries.