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%path% shows doubled extension?

Hello, I was trying to copy selected songs in a playlist from one drive to another while keeping the directory structure. I noticed that the string that %path% returns contains doubled extension, e.g "\path\to\file.mp3" becomes "\path\to\file.mp3.mp3" . I updated to v1.6.16 and the problem remained. I solved this by finding the length of the extension from the path, then adding 1 accounting for the ".", then removing those characters, but it was inconvenient. I'm not sure if it's just me or it's a bug. OS is Win7 64bit. Thanks.

Re: %path% shows doubled extension?

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It's not a specific issue with %path%. The extension gets appended to any filename pattern that is added.

If it was required that people must set the extension themself, there's quite a lot of scope for it to go wrong which is probably why it's handled automatically.

Re: %path% shows doubled extension?

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And it is quite a bit annoying to not have a %path_noext% ...

(I have proposed to support cmd modifiers, but then one would need something like %~dpath%%~ppath%%~npath%, and maybe that is a bit awkward.)

Re: %path% shows doubled extension?

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You can use something like this to keep the folder structure but don't end up with double extensions:
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Where D:\ is the letter of the drive you are copying from (or just a path you don't want to copy over, like D:\Music\).

Re: %path% shows doubled extension?

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There is a risk of the same string showing up elsewhere in the path. Say what you are trying to clean up contains
D:\Music\Demon - 1983 remaster 2001 - The Plague.flac\01 - The Plague.flac
D:\Music\Nightwish - 2001 - Over the Hills and Far Away.mp3\01 - Over the Hills and Far Away.mp3

Slightly more selective --> less chances of false positives: put slashes first.
Code: [Select]

Will still not catch the a case where both directory and file are named "Mike Oldfield - 1990 - Amarok.mp3" (I guess singles or single track albums are more likely to omit track numbers)