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UAD Apollo x4 Windows Bootcamp


I'm on macOS and I have a Bootcamp partition for Windows specific stuff.

I use Audirvana on macOS and foobar2000 on Windows.

I have a UAD Apollo x4 audio interface.

I have a LOT of random pops and clicks when listening to music in foobar. A shame really, because I really like it.

I'm also trying to make foobar2000 switch to the correct sample rate automatically in order to match the source file.

For this if I understand correctly, I need it to take control exclusively, but it doesn't work.

If I go to Settings - Device - Speakers and select Speakers (Universal Audio Thunderbolt WDM) (Exclusive) and try to play a file, it says: "Unrecoverable playback error: Device not functioning". 

Speakers (Universal Audio Thunderbolt WDM) without "exclusive" works, but I hear clicks and pops very often, it's really ruining everything.

I don't know if the pops and the exclusive thing are related, but these are two issues I'd like to fix.

I've tried multiple buffer sizes to no avail.

I'm also using a custom theme, but I doubt this changes anything.

Thanks in advance

Re: UAD Apollo x4 Windows Bootcamp

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Nevermind, it's not a foobar2000 issue. Just bad UAD drivers for Windows probably.

Re: UAD Apollo x4 Windows Bootcamp

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Update: I've switched the buffer size to 128 in the UAD Console settings and it seems to have stopped.