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foo_playcount BUG

I am experiencing and error when importing playcount statistics from file tags.
The DATE_ADDED does not get imported correctly. The date should be "131137768237935550" = "2016-7-23", but the date comes in as 2012 & 2015. I have tried deleting metadb.sqlite and importing but that results in the same error.

I am including screenshots of the process.
#1 metadb.sqlite & content.sqlite deleted, then I open foobar2000
#2 import statistics from file tags
#3 some dates are imported as 2012 and some as 2015

I almost wonder if there is another location the stats are getting pulled from since this doesn't happen for new albums just ones that have been in my library for some time.

At any rate the DATE_ADDED is not correctly being pulled in.!AobD-ZRCh_7DheJ4cXoC7N8xwAcgcQ?e=QPSrn8!AobD-ZRCh_7DheJ5i4aUX2a3DcqZeQ?e=b7nB3K!AobD-ZRCh_7DheJ6Ln3y3kQZZR1Qng?e=6CO6bi

Re: foo_playcount BUG

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Double checked and that time stamp is correct for 2016-07-23. Are your first/last played values imported correctly?

Re: foo_playcount BUG

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Your suggestion to look at the first/last played values helped me discover what is going on here. When the first played value is older than the date added value the first played value is imported instead of the added date.

What is weird is that I bought this album in 2016, so I don't know how the 2012/2015 dates ever populated those fields.

If I correct the first played timestamp, clear the playback stats, and import from file tags, the issue still persists unless I delete metadb.sqlite file and start clean.