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Topic: "Corrupted foobar2000 installation (...) CD Audio Decoder, version 1.6.11" (Read 413 times) previous topic - next topic
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"Corrupted foobar2000 installation (...) CD Audio Decoder, version 1.6.11"

Hi, I've been happily using 1.6.11 until now which i installed using the regular installer.
Today i thought it would be a good idea to update it, but after updating i get the error message from the thread title on startup with the prompt to reinstall f2k to correct this.

At first i just tried running the installer for 1.6.16 again, but that didn't work, so i guess the error means to install the old version again, which i did and there was no more error message.

But now i have no idea how to properly update f2k. I also tried the next version after my current (1.6.12) instead of jumping multiple versions, but i got the same error. What do i need to do?

 Thanks for the help :)

Re: "Corrupted foobar2000 installation (...) CD Audio Decoder, version 1.6.11"

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I found the solution.
After reading the pinned thread about mixing components again (i've read it before making this thread) i realised that i was just looking for the wrong filenames to remove in order to fix this, since i don't need CD functionality anymore.

So all i had to do was search "foo_cdda.dll" (the DDL name for the CD component) and rename/remove the file and now the warning is gone! 🎉

Furthermore i found pretty much my exact issue in this reply, which also explains how this issue came to be:,120437.msg1002149.html#msg1002149