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High GPU usage in foobar


I recently swapped my gpu for an Nvidia one and ever since i open foobar, i see that foobar causes my gpu tot throttle and consumes 120 watts. I would assume it is hardware acceleration, is there a way to disable it ? And in the case where it is not hardware accel., i would appreciate any clue on how to solve this issue.


Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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I can't see any "visualisations" sub menu in my advanced display preferences

Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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It only appears on Foobar v2.

Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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so i assume there is no way to disable it on v1 then

Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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A 3rd party component must be the cause of this. The OP could post a list using the Copy report button from the main preferences>Components.

Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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I tried to install foobar as a mobile install then added a library and i did not have this problem.

here is my component report
Code: [Select]
Core (2023-01-13 20:48:54 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.6.16
foo_albumlist.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:42 UTC)
    Album List 1.6.16
foo_bpm.dll (2014-06-24 19:36:50 UTC)
    BPM Analyser
foo_cdda.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:42 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 1.6.16
foo_channel_mixer.dll (2011-06-01 17:18:02 UTC)
    Channel Mixer
foo_converter.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:44 UTC)
    Converter 1.6.16
foo_discogs.dll (2020-04-11 03:21:32 UTC)
    Discogs Tagger 2.23
foo_discord_rich.dll (2020-01-29 10:36:46 UTC)
    Discord Rich Presense 1.2.0
foo_dsp_dolbyhp.dll (2010-01-22 11:40:28 UTC)
    Dolby Headphone Wrapper 1.4.1
foo_dsp_effect.dll (2022-08-13 06:08:36 UTC)
    Effect DSP 0.50 beta 1
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:42 UTC)
    Equalizer 1.2.2
foo_dsp_meiercf.dll (2018-01-06 21:27:18 UTC)
    Meier Crossfeed 1.1.1
foo_dsp_multiresampler.dll (2017-06-01 16:41:50 UTC)
    MultiResampler 1.1.2
foo_dsp_replaygain.dll (2021-07-26 07:59:16 UTC)
    ReplayGain DSP 0.2.8
foo_dsp_std.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:42 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.6.16
foo_enhanced_playcount.dll (2021-03-20 21:33:38 UTC)
    Enhanced Playback Statistics 4.3.3
foo_fileops.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:44 UTC)
    File Operations 1.6.16
foo_freedb2.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:42 UTC)
    Online Tagger 0.8
foo_httpcontrol.dll (2013-04-26 16:12:30 UTC)
    HTTP Control 0.97.14-fb2kc
foo_input_dts.dll (2020-04-13 20:01:18 UTC)
    DTS decoder 0.6.8
foo_input_ffmpeg.dll (2021-11-12 12:34:02 UTC)
    FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper 0.7
foo_input_reverse.dll (2018-01-09 12:16:38 UTC)
    Reverse Player 1.0
foo_input_std.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:52 UTC)
    FFmpeg Decoders 4.4.1
    Standard Input Array 1.6.16
foo_midi.dll (2021-04-11 17:16:12 UTC)
    MIDI Player 2.4.11
foo_onewaysync.dll (2020-04-20 23:19:28 UTC)
    One Way Sync 0.7.0
foo_openlyrics.dll (2021-08-30 17:38:52 UTC)
    OpenLyrics 0.9
foo_osd.dll (2017-02-03 18:58:14 UTC)
    On-Screen Display 1.74
foo_out_asio.dll (2012-06-06 13:19:14 UTC)
    ASIO support 2.1.2
foo_queuecontents.dll (2012-02-23 22:06:40 UTC)
    Queue Contents Editor 0.5.1
foo_rgscan.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:44 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 1.6.16
foo_scrobble.dll (2021-03-28 13:21:42 UTC)
foo_textdisplay.dll (2011-05-29 16:03:58 UTC)
    Text Display UI Element 1.1 beta 1
foo_tfsandbox.dll (2016-12-14 19:48:26 UTC)
    Title Formatting Sandbox 1.0.3
foo_ui_std.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:48 UTC)
    Default User Interface 1.6.16
foo_unpack.dll (2023-01-13 20:48:46 UTC)
    ZIP/GZIP/RAR/7-Zip Reader 1.6.16
foo_vis_oscilloscope_d2d.dll (2017-01-07 16:43:38 UTC)
    Oscilloscope (Direct2D) 1.1.0
foo_vis_projectM.dll (2022-08-17 22:25:56 UTC)
    projectM visualizer 0.0.5
foo_wave_seekbar.dll (2014-02-08 20:37:10 UTC)
    Waveform seekbar 0.2.45
foo_youtube.dll (2021-05-24 12:40:50 UTC)
    Youtube Source 3.7.2


Re: High GPU usage in foobar

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First of all, I'd look at making sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU direct from nvidia. It's never a good idea to rely on anything built in to windows or supplied through windows updates.

I'd then look at testing a a layout with/without these components...

Code: [Select]
foo_vis_oscilloscope_d2d.dll (2017-01-07 16:43:38 UTC)
    Oscilloscope (Direct2D) 1.1.0
foo_vis_projectM.dll (2022-08-17 22:25:56 UTC)
    projectM visualizer 0.0.5

Or maybe tweaking their settings/size could help??

foo_wave_seekbar can be GPU accelerated but I wouldn't expect it to be an issue. It's been around long enough and I don't recall previous complaints.