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foobar won't read "mood" tags anymore

I've been playing with foobar for a few weeks now.. in the middle of creating layouts and transitioning. Everythings been working fine. Then all of a sudden I noticed that my mood tags no longer show up in foobar. Open properties on files and the tags don't show there either. If i open the files in MP3tag, mediamonkey, or musicbee I can see the tags in each of these. I saved a few test files in MP3tag to re-write the tags and still can't get foobar to pick them up. I then created a new portable install and it doesn't recognize them either. It actually only picks up mood in 3 songs out of several thousand. Any idea on what I'm missing or where to look for the issue? I can't think of any tag processing, updates, or anything that would have happened between when they were working and when they stopped. Windows 10, all id3v2.4 tags.

Edited to add that I also removed my folder from the library and re-added it.

Re: foobar won't read "mood" tags anymore

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Another test...

Take an MP3 that foobar does not show any mood tags. MP3tag does. id3v2.4 tags only.

-add a mood tag in foobar. Foobar now only shows this mood tag. Not the others that MP3tag does.
-save the file in MP3tag. The mood tag disappears in foobar.
-copy all mood tags in MP3tag to other tags <moods> and <test>. Now MP3tag shows the same tags for <mood>, <moods> and <test>. foobar only shows <moods> and <test>.

So it appears so far I can copy all the <mood> tags to a tag called <moods> and foobar will read them. But why can't I get foobar to read the original mood tags anymore?

Re: foobar won't read "mood" tags anymore

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Other software like mp3tag writes mood to a special id3v2 frame named TMOO but foobar does not support this. When you use foobar to write a mood tag, it gets written to a TXXX frame.

Re: foobar won't read "mood" tags anymore

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Thank you marc for taking the time to reply. I know it takes time out from a busy life. I don't know how I missed that. Thank you for your contributions to foobar as well... enjoying them.