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Re: foo_scrobble

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A quick update:

I gave it another try today and noticed that while some tracks scrobbled, some did not.
After analysing my tracks with foo_texttools and comparing with what's submitted to foo_scrobble, it turned out to be a %musicbrainz_trackid% issue.

I use beets for library organization and I fetch all my tags from Deezer, By doing so, the %musicbrainz_trackid% is overwritten by the Deezer track/album ID, which obviously isn't compatible with Clearing the field solved my problems and all is good.

tl;dr - Check if your tag for %musicbrainz_trackid% is a valid musicbrainz ID. If not, clear the field for it on the foo_scrobble options.

Re: foo_scrobble

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Is there any possibility of getting a port of this to mac?


Re: foo_scrobble

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For standalone recordings that don't have a track_id (and instead have a recording_id), does accept the recording_id? Or is track_id the only valid field it accepts? Would this $if work if it does?