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Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks WilB!
What is the opposite of music?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Great work! My compliments!
 In my subjective opinion, such a shadow is more expressive.
I propose to replace the line (I suppose so # 922 )
Code: [Select]
if (this.border > 1) gb.DrawImage(sh_img, 0, 0, Math.floor(tw + bor_w2 + imgb), Math.floor(th + bor_w2 + imgb), 0, 0, sh_img.Width, sh_img.Height);
replaced by
Code: [Select]
 if (this.border > 1) gb.DrawImage(sh_img, 7, 7, Math.floor(tw + bor_w2 + imgb-7), Math.floor(th + bor_w2 + imgb-7), 0, 0, sh_img.Width, sh_img.Height);

Re: Biography Discussion

Reply #128 has added a new interesting feature to their biographies (reminiscent of what Rate Your Music is doing). Will you be adding the information from the factboxes to your bio component Wilb?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks for making this panel, anything to display album releases?

Re: Biography Discussion

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marc2003 has a musicbrainz jscript panel for that.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Would it be possible to set the display modes for artist bio and album review separately?

I already have an album art viewer, and the art is also displayed in the playlist view, so I have no need for it in the review pane, and would rather have it be dedicated to text. I do however, like the artist picture slideshow.

Also, would it be possible to change how many artist images are downloaded? I wouldn't mind having a few more.

Re: Biography Discussion

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@jazzthieve & San_dr. Requests should be in the next release.

@Bratman. YouTube Track Manager can display fully categorised lists of MusicBrainz releases + top albums, top tracks & top similar songs. It also offers interactive display of those items for similar artists. YouTube-related functionality doesn't have to be used.


Would it be possible to set the display modes for artist bio and album review separately?
It's possible, and I did try it, but found changing display modes at the same time as toggling between artist and album styles confusing. Have you considered changing the album art panel to JScript biography & using that to show covers in image only mode? It can easily be toggled to image + review or review only mode (menu or mouse middle click). The separate JScript biography could then be used for the slide show (or toggled to the text biographies). Another possibility is to use one of the panels for images and other for text, with use of simple left click toggles to change artist vs album.

I wouldn't mind having a few more... artist images.
The script auto-adds new artist images periodically (default every 28 days) [can be disabled in biography.ini]. So the number of images will rise. In that way the script selectively picks from the better images and aims to provide a good spread of images. If that's not adequate, the ability to fetch more each time could be added, but that increases the likelihood of some not so good images...

Re: Biography Discussion

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New Version: JScript Biography 0.7.7


ADD: Some further info to biographies & album reviews, where available.

ADD: Option to display album ratings. Can be displayed in heading, on own line or embedded in text. Rating are calculated from the metacritic score, as used by, and are only available for albums having such a score (currently ~10,550 albums in total, starting in ~1999). The metacritic score can be independently shown / hidden. Settings are in panel properties (Rating... and Statistics...).

CHG: Refined image shadow effect as suggested by San_dr + improved shadow smoothing.

Re: Biography Discussion

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спасибо, WilB!
Rapid development, convenient application  :))

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks again for the ongoing development Wil!

Is it possible to setup the plugin to also download covers for albums played over Upnp?
I use Foobar with the component foo_upnp ( Bubbleupnp on my phone to play albums from my foobar library to various devices in my home.

Re: Biography Discussion

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I don't use UPnP, and don't currently have a suitable test set-up to check whether it's possible or what might be involved. It also seems that foo_upnp development has ceased.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks WilB! Really appreciate your great work on Biography panel!
What is the opposite of music?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi WilB - big fan of your superb job! It enhances so much my music experience, to have these nice comments and one can immerse into the artist and the album. Thanks so much!

I have actually two tabs, one for album review, and one for biography, and I run there two frames, one preferring info, and then AMG. Love to compare their texts. So I have a good solution to see both.

There is one small issue though. Whenever only one source is available, of course I see the same text twice.This leads to my question - is there an opportunity to have a third preference in sources? It could be called "both if available".

I can send you screenshots how the two texts look quite nice, and give a good reading experience, with the two frames.

In any case, many thanks for your constant refinements and improvements!

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi I have a request...
i use multiply tag for biography view only the first artist will be display...any chance to change automatic the second or more artist? or by click?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi, this is slightly off-topic (I hope I didn't cross the line). Here is a way to populate genre tags, using biography + MP3Tag sofware.
The idea is to use .txt files generated by biography script. For this, you have to create an "action" in MP3Tag.

ACTION>Action>New the choose a name for the "Action" script.
in the new window :
NEW > Import text file > FIELD = GENRELASTFM / FILE NAME = location of the text file (exemple: C:\foobar2000\wsh_data\artists\%artist%\lastfm\*.txt)
NEW > Guess value > SOURCE FORMAT = %GENRELASTFM% / GUESS PATERN : %dummy%Top Tags%GENRELASTFM%Top Albums%dummy%
NEW > Format value > FIELD = GENRELASTFM / FORMAT = $cutLeft(%GENRELASTFM%,2)
NEW > Format Value > FIELD = GENRELASTFM / FORMAT =$cutright(%GENRELASTFM%,4)

Select chosen tracks and apply "action". LastFM genres are now stored in GENRELASTFM tag (exemple for BLUE OYSTER CULT, GENRELASTFM should be "Hard Rock; Classic Rock; Rock; Progressive Rock; 70s; Heavy Metal". However they're not yet reconized by Foobar as multi-value tags.

In order to correct this, select all tracks from one artist then, in PROPERTIES, make a change in the GENRELASTFM tag : for exemple, remove unwanted tags  or just add a space, and then remove it. Then click on OK. The GENRELASTFM tags for that artist are now reconignised as multi-value tag.
You have to do this for each artist (I know this may be quite long, but on the other hand, it's a good way to get rid of unwanted tags (e.g: Seen Live, I Owne this Album, The Beatles, or whatever).

That's all !  :D

Re: Biography Discussion

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This is interesting and it works great but you should have started a new thread for it. I want to ask you more about it but I'm not going to do it here since this is Wilb's thread and it would only make it even more off topic. Can a mod make this into a separate topic please? I'd like to know more about this but it has nothing to do with biography so asking here is inappropriate.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hey WilB, thank you so much for this amazing Biography!

I already tweaked the hell out of it, amazing how many settings you added for us. However I still have a couple of questions/requests for you, in hope that the script can be even more amazing.

1. I'd like to be able to add the date tag to album covers from I tried adding "date=$meta(date,0)" or "date name=$meta(date,0) to [NAMES] in biography.ini and then using it in "Image [Cover] File Name" afterwards but unfortunately it didn't work.

2. I use underscores for invalid characters in my local album covers. However, your script uses dashes. Is there a way to change this somewhere so it would also use underscores? I tried using the $replace function for each tag in my local cover art script in preferences->display->album art->front cover but strangely it didn't work.

3. I would like to download only 1 image per artist and not 5. I'd really appreciate if there was an option for this in order to save some bandwidth.

Thank you for considering any of the requests, much appreciated!

Re: Biography Discussion

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@YOGAM. I am pleased that the additions you requested have proved useful.

@ocram35. The "both if available" option should be in the next release. There should also be a "Lock To Single Source" option that provides another way to avoid the text falling back to the same source when only one source is found & both review types (or both bio types) are displayed.

@DJ FRANK G. That feature was added a while ago... To display biographies for multi-artist tags, enable "Show More Tags" ("Menu > Sources > Server Settings > [MISCELLANEOUS] heading > Show More Tags=1" [can also be accessed by directly opening biography.ini]). If there are multiple values, the artist view will then show a discrete watermark style button > click to choose name. This works by expanding all fields referenced by the artist name definition and includes multi-values.

@aeidein New heading choices in the next release will allow rating display in a button, with the allmusic/ button text hidden.


1) The following styles should work.
Code: [Select]
Image [Cover] File Name=cover - %date%
Image [Cover] Folder Location=$directory_path(%path%)\%date%
I think the first is on the lines you wanted and adds the date to the file name. The date can also be added to the path as in second example, but due to a bug you'll have to wait for the next release for that method to work, since I forgot to add the ability to create cover paths that don't already exist. Ensure the foobar2000 album art reader is set to recognise whatever you use.

2) The script conforms to the foobar2000 method for replacement of invalid characters for maximum compatibility with the foobar2000 album art reader (documented here, except doc has an error in that ? is stripped and not replaced by _) .

For information:
/ \ |: get replaced by a -
* gets replaced by x
" gets replaced with ''
< > get replaced by an _
? is stripped

Note that the foobar2000 album art reader will always do these hard coded replacements, and so you can't apply a replace function to the original character, since its already replaced. If you want to continue with your method & use the foobar20000 method that JScript biography also uses, consider adding an extra pattern to the album art reader so both will work. But my recommendation would be to consider just using the foobar2000 method that the script also uses for maximum compatibility.

3) This issue has come up a couple of times. The ability to set the number of artist images fetched should be in the next release.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks very much for your helpful reply!

I've managed to make the date work with the following: "Image [Cover] File Name=album artist name - album name$if(%date%, '['%date%']')" and then adding the following two strings: "'D:\(my path)\'%album artist%' - '%album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']')'.png'" and "'D:\(my path)\'%album artist%' - '%album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']')'.jpg'" to the Front cover search patterns in Foobar2000. Some of my albums are currently missing the date tag, that's why there is the condition, but I will drop it once I fill up the tags properly some day. Btw. do you know if there is any way in Foobar2000 to include both png and jpg so I'd have just one string instead of two separate ones? I know that you can use a wildcard, such as ".*" (I think it should work?), but I would like to list just png+jpg since I don't think there will be any other formats downloaded anyway.

Thanks for letting me know about the Foobar2000 internal replacement, I didn't know it worked like this. However, I prefer underscores to replace every illegal character (even in the mp3 files), so I will have to do what you suggested: "consider adding an extra pattern to the album art reader so both will work". Unfortunately, I don't understand what do you mean by the album art reader. Isn't the album art reader the entry in "preferences->display->album art->front cover" list? If you can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

Great that you will add the feature for setting the number of artist pictures in the new version!

Re: Biography Discussion

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1) Wildcard is simplest.

2) "preferences->display->album art->front cover" list - yes that's what I mean by the foobar2000 album art reader.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Unfortunately, by modifying the script in preferences->display->album art->front cover I only managed to make ? " < > work, but not : * / \ |

This was my original string for the local cover art: 'Cover\'%album artist%' - '%album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']')'.jpg'
This is the new string: 'Cover\'$replace(%album artist%' - '%album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']'),'?','_',':','_','/','_','*','_','"','_','\','_','|','_','<','_','>','_')'.jpg'

By reading some of the other topics (,71931.0.html and,70522.0.html) I discovered that some of the replacements apparently happen before I can even use my $replace function, but interestingly enough I am using the $replace function in my Panel Stack Splitter (Columns UI) without any problems: $set_ps_global(,$replace(%album artist%,'?','_',':','_','/','_','*','_','"','_','\','_','|','_','<','_','>','_')) works like a charm. Additionally, Lyric Show 3 plugin for Foobar2000 also replaces all invalid characters (except \) with underscores (and using the $replace function replaces that one as well without any problems). Mp3Tag also lets you specify your replacement character with the $validate function. I also tried to use my global variable from PSS (with $get_ps_global) in the album art reader but it wouldn't work either.

Looking at the topics I linked, looks like I am not the only one who likes to use underscores for every illegal character and I really hope it could be done somehow. Is there anything else that can be done in order to make it work? I would be very grateful if this was possible somehow.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Lyrics3 both saves the lyric files and loads them. That's not what's happening here. The script saves the files but cover images are loaded by foobar2000 album art reader. So the save names have to be compatible with the foobar2000 album art reader & significantly in this case its automatic replacements. Note that automatic replacements are done before processing of the album art search pattern (e.g. see foobar2000 FAQ). PSS can also I believe use the foobar2000 artreader: artreader & artreader_front choices.

I ran some tests to check that the script was working correctly.
I created Z:\foobar2000\cover
Bio server settings were set as:
Image [Cover] Folder Location=Z:\foobar2000\cover
Image [Cover] File Name=%album artist% - %album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']')

I set foobar2000 album art front cover pattern as:
Z:\foobar2000\cover\%album artist% - %album%$if(%date%, '['%date%']').*

I played: "Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years" (album artist - album)
Cover saved as: Scorpions - Deadly Sting- The Mercury Years [1987].png
Note : changed to - in cover file name. Cover loaded correctly.
I ran some further tests with other invalid characters & all was fine
So invalid characters were correctly handled.

Your suggestion of changing all invalid characters to _ created problems with foobar2000 album art reader and seemed to completely fail when the invalid character was ?
For example I tried again: "Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years"
This time, : was replaced by _ The resulting cover name was:
Scorpions - Deadly Sting_ The Mercury Years [1987].png
I changed the foobar2000 album art front cover pattern to:
Z:\foobar2000\cover\%album artist% - $replace(%album%,-,_)$if(%date%, '['%date%']').*
That worked and in this case cover loaded. Note that the replace takes account of the foobar2000 internal replacement of : to - and applies the replace on the -
So if the foobar2000 replacement characters are known, then they can be replaced. So you need a replacement function something like: $replace(%album%,-,_,x,_,'',_) But this is unnecessarily complex.
Also with your suggested underscore method I tried: "Scorpions - Deadly Sting? The Mercury Years" as album artist - album. The cover was named Scorpions - Deadly Sting_ The Mercury Years [1987].png, reflecting a replacement of ? to _ But I could not get the foobar2000 album art reader to load the cover upon playing "Scorpions - Deadly Sting? The Mercury Years". The reason seems to be because foobar2000 replaces ? with nothing before the search pattern is processed and so there's no character to be then able to substitute. There may be way round this that I haven't thought of yet.

For an extreme example see here.

So while its easy enough to change the script so invalid characters are replaced by _ that complicates or breaks interaction with foobar2000 album art reader.

In summary as far as use of this script is concerned you shouldn't have to worry about doing any replacements in order to load the cover, just use the simple title formatting.


Re: Biography Discussion

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New Version: JScript Biography 0.8


CHG: Dark & light themes: blur image background can now be locked to always use that of the cover. Enable in panel properties (Image Blur...).
ADD: "Prefer Both" sources option ("Menu > Sources > Biography or Review"). If enabled, text contains both biographies or both reviews where available. Heading can be clicked or menu used to toggle order. A title auto-shows in this mode to discern text sources. The title & font style can be set in panel properties ("Title...).
ADD: "Lock To Single Source" option for biographies & reviews ("Menu > Sources > Biography or Review"). If locked, heading can still be clicked or menu used to toggle source, but auto fall back to other source is disabled.
CHG: Improved heading: now supports full title formatting for greater flexibility. More choices including option of line after text. Settings are in panel properties ("Heading...").
ADD: %BIO_ALBUMARTIST%, %BIO_ARTIST% & %BIO_ALBUM% to allow use of "Server Settings" in headings. Specific to JScript Biography.
ADD: Quick Access to change text source. Top menu item. Context specific: N/A in image only mode.
ADD: Improvements as an album art viewer, e.g. cover source can now be selected from "Back", Disc", "Icon", "Artist" as well as the standard "Front" (Menu > Sources > Cover).
ADD: Option to set the number of artist images fetched ("Server Settings" [biography.ini]).
ADD: Option to allow rating display in a button, with the allmusic/ button text hidden (panel properties > heading items > set BtnName to 0 Or delete/change button text in panel properties > ADV.Heading... for the required views).

Due to the new requested features, biography.ini will be reset. The previous version will be backed up in the same location. Note the new title format "NAMES" that have been changed to improve clarity and headings. If save paths are altered from the default, ensure the new "Names" are used.

Some panel properties have changed & redundant removed. This affects the heading settings and 1 minor rating property. Defaults unchanged. Export panel properties, before updating, if you need a record.