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Portable version and Tag-Info export
Sorry, I didn't find the answers so far. Hope someone could give me an advice.

First I would like to know if there are any disadvantages using the portable version beside the file type association in the registry?

And then I search a possibility to export tag information for use in a database (access). Is there a tool for a csv-export or something like that?

Thanks a lot.

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Portable version and Tag-Info export
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there are no other disadvantages running portable.

have a look at foo_utils for exporting to text file. you configure it under file>preferences>tools>text tools.

then right click entries in a playlist (or album list) to export details about them. because the component is old, you'll find it's entries under Legacy commands (unsorted).
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Portable version and Tag-Info export
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i have thought of something else. you can't apply .fth (theme) and .fb2k-component files from explorer. you'll just have to access them via the main preferences instead.

also, some 3rd party software expect foobar2000 to be in program files and may not function properly. i know the official client installer blindly dumps it's own component in there without asking. it creates its own folders if it needs to.