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Topic: WinXP, Enqueue (more than 1) Folder will invoke "move items" (Read 597 times) previous topic - next topic

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WinXP, Enqueue (more than 1) Folder will invoke "move items"
Windows XP (SP3)
Foobar2000 v1.2.3 (stable)

Preferences: Shell Integration
[ ] Set as teh default audio CD player
  • Folder context menus
  • Set "Enqueue" as the default action
  • Bring to front when adding new files
  • Always send new files to playlist: Default
    Sort incoming files by: %path_sort%
    Restrict incoming files to: *
    Exlude file types: *.CUE

    When I try to select more than one folder and "Enqueue in foobar2000", Windows will ask several times to move files/folders to a new location.
    The "move items" dialogue box appears and shows me the folder tree of where to move the selected folders.
    It does it several times, I think twice for each folder selected.
    I 'cancel' every request to move files and all the files finally load into foobar2000.

    Adding one folder is fine.
    Attempting to add at least one more will cause this conflict.

    I did a search in the support forums here and did not find anyone else with the same problem.
    Most context menu/shell integration issues do not involve the Windows "move items" symptom.

    Any ideas?
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