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How to disable autosaving of files
I am using Hydrogen to help myself learn to play the drums. I have created many practise beats. My practise folder/directory ends up filled with autosaved files. This is a nice feature sometimes but not in this application. My OS is Fedora 17. Somewhere I have read under Tools -> Preferences ?? an option should be available. I cannot find the option.

The only resemblance of a solution was some C code I found titled something like "stopping autosave in Hydrogen". Your right, the solution is still a little advanced for my programming skills.

I would have thought the option to autosave a file or not would be a primary preference. Would someone please respond letting me know if I have somewhere missed something obvious.


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How to disable autosaving of files
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As Bill Hicks might have put it: "Oops wrong meeting".
Perhaps this is the right one?

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