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How to convert ogg flac file to wav
There's an mkv file I have that the audio, according to Mediafile, is ogg-flac.

How can I do to convert it to wav or AC3? My FLAC Frontend program is not recognizing it and says there's a sync error.

VLC plays it, but I need to convert it.

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How to convert ogg flac file to wav
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I've never had my hands on that format...  If you are going to mess-around with odd formats, or randomly downloaded formats, you should probably load-up on conversion tools & CODECS, etc.  Sometimes, you just have to try a bunch of conversion programs 'till you find one that works.

Quote wav or AC3?
AC3 isn't popular as a stand-alone format either.    Unless you are making a DVD or you've got a really good reason to use AC3, I recommend sticking with something more standard    (WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, or  audio CD).    I use AC3 files for DVDs all the time, but I never use them for "listening"...  Once the DVD is done, I either delete the AC3 file, or archive it with the other resource files for the DVD. 

VLC plays it, but I need to convert it.
I've never used VLC to convert files, but it's one of its features.  I found this page showing how to convert audio/video files, and I assume it will work on audio-only files.

When I run across a "problem" audio/video file (usually an A/V file from a "still" camera), SUPER can often transcode or re-encode it.      (If you try it, make sure to download SUPER...  Their website is tricky...  Don't get fooled by the ads for other software on the site.)
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