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Topic: iTunes CBR320 @ wrong length – bug or feature? (Read 1539 times) previous topic - next topic

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iTunes CBR320 @ wrong length – bug or feature?
I just got my hands on this:  (yes, legitimate source – they want your e-mail address, and I've got enough of those to spare).

Downloaded, fixed tags, checked integrity ... well, wrong length isn't that uncommon, but curiosity triggered the cat, so:
- mp3packer'd it (... down to 291 ...)
- made a copy of the original and had fb2k (1.17) rewrite stream
- compared (using fb2k). Three different lengths. Obviously, fb2k and mp3packed do not agree on how to read the original file.

Tag says iTunes 10.7. What's it really doing?

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iTunes CBR320 @ wrong length – bug or feature?
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i've noticed this before a good couple of years ago when i downloaded some DJ sets from soundcloud - pretty sure they were 192kbps. i remember it mentioned itunes in the tags somewhere but have no idea what version it was. i just ran the foobar fix vbr header thingy and haven't given it another moment's thought.

i think it's pretty much a non-issue as i didn't have any problems playing the files. it was only when i was bored one day that i ran foo_verifier on my whole collection then i spotted it.