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CD-A tracks drag & drop problem
I already asked in "General" forum if anyone else has this problem, but no one answered, so now I officially ask for serious tech-support.

What I am doing?
I'm trying to drag and drop whole content of an Audio-CD (Red Book, not mp3 or flac/wma/whatever) to current playlist. When I put Audio CD into my DVD-RAM drive, Explorer opens window with tracklist (.cda link files). I press "Ctrl+A" and then I just drag all track to foobar window.

What I am expecting?
To see all tracks from particular CD-A on my playlist - if CD has 12 tracks I want to see all 12 tracks.

What happens instead of what I am expecting?
There are missing tracks. Random tracks. Sometimes I can see 10 tracks from 12 track CD with missing tracks 09 and 11, sometimes tracks 03, 04 and 07 may be missing, sometimes only just one tracks missing. Any combination of missing numbers is possible, nevermind how many tracks is on CD. Generally, the more tracks is on CD, the larger amount of missing tracks occurs (like 5 or 6 missing out of 21 tracks in total). It doesn't happens all the time but mainly it happens.

Since when it happens?
Since darg&drop from read-only optical media bug was worked around (v. 1.1.15 - but maybe I noticed it in 1.1.17) and I could make any successful drag&drop from CD.

What versions of OS/software I am using?
Latest version of foobar (1.2.3 final) under Windows 7 x64 PL MSDNAA.

What hardware is used?
Mainly Hitachi-LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H22N v.1.02 (latest firmware available for this drive), in the past often Hitachi-LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B A115 (latest firmware) - both connected with PATA cable to PATA port of JMicron/Gigabyte GBB36X controller. Rarely it's Hitachi-LG HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20N 1.03 (also latest firmware) connected with SATA2 cable to the SATA2 ports of the same JMicron/Gigabyte GBB36X controller. Controller is part of Gigabyte GA-890GPA UD3H mainboard. It should use all latest drivers (which are basically at least 3/6/12 months old depending on part).

My questions is - what is wrong? May it be fixed on my side or does this require ficing foobar?

If any other informations about software/hardware are required please let me know.

I found that GSATA2/GBB36X controller driver wasn't in latest version. After I updated it, the problem persists. The only thing that changed positively after updatng from v.1.17.60 to v.1.17.63 is that DPC latency is lower when I change media in my PATA drive (GSA-H22N) and when I insert or remove media there aren't any drop-outs in sound. It was a serious problem before I updated (especially with Audio-CDs, and especially when media was removed). Nothing has changed with SATA drive (GGC-H10N) but honestly there wasn't anything bad that should be changed - I haven't any DPC problem with SATA2 DVD drive and I haven't any sound drop-outs when drive was used(inserted/removed media). So the question is still open.
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CD-A tracks drag & drop problem
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Any question, any answer? (especially from Peter maybe?). Anyone has noticed such problem before?