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2 GrooveShark interfaces

Both are HTA applications, with same design, borderless mimicking Windows 8 UI, and utilizing official Flash players.

1. Tiny GrooveShark Client - simplest as possible, type a string identifying a track, and hit enter:

Source: link

2. GrooveShark Playlist player - simple yet more complex, meant to parse playlists, but allows querying too. It can parse:

- XSPF (with track/artist information)
- M3U (with #EXTINF line containing track/artist information)
- TXT (text file with each line containing, track/artist information)

User can paste path to local playlist or http link in input box, or can use Open button, at the bottom, to browse for a playlist. Also user can type query in input box, and receive up to 10 tracks as response.
On 32bit OS, pressing Ctrl+R registers "drag & drop" control over current Open button, so user can drop file over it, instead browse for it. Pressing Ctrl+U unregisters control.

Source: link

Possible drawbacks:

- No seekbar
- I provided API key, but it can reach limit publicly as limit is on # of requests per API key and not per IP, in which case user is informed how to get it and update, which is simple enough

Download both in archive: link

2 GrooveShark interfaces

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thank you for grooveshark, is it possible to make a script that would work like radio earlier, for radio? for playing song recommendations in foobar?

2 GrooveShark interfaces

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I thought about that, but no web service seems good enough recommendation is off. Echonest service provides similarity playlist based on song seed, and I made foobar run service for that here: link (it can be used without foobar also) but it's not that great system IMHO. Anyhow you can use it to produce XSPF and load that playlist later in GS client.

About playing such streams in preferred player:
1. it's hard to track GS passwords changes. it changes once a month or so
2. even if you manage to do above some players can play the stream, but foobar can't

2 GrooveShark interfaces

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thank you,i also thought it was not good enough, i will try echonest.

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