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Merge "play" and "pause" button?

Would it not be a good idea to merge the "play" and "pause" button in foobar? So that "play" is visible if a song is paused, and "pause" is visible if a song is playing?
That is more logical than the gui today + it would make the gui a little bit cleaner.

  • yanni
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Merge "play" and "pause" button?
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You're free to replace the buttons with one that maps to "Playback/Play or pause" instead (the command is already implemented in foobar2000, although it's hidden by default).
Don't know if you can make the icon switch accordingly, though.

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Merge "play" and "pause" button?
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No, because they have two different functions. If you play a song for 30 seconds and clic play again it will start from begin, if you pause/play it will start from where it is. I like this way better but you are free to change it like yanni described.
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Merge "play" and "pause" button?
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You can both add custom keyboard shortcut to "play/pause" function (Settings -> Keyboard shortcuts) aswell as customize buttons and add custom button for "play/pause" function (rightclick on buttons field on your interface and choose ""Customize") . You can even give special icon (loaded from .ico file) to your new "play/pause " button.
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