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Foobar ISA proxy

Exists some way to configure foobar with a ISA proxy?

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Foobar ISA proxy
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I don't think foobar2k can authenticate with ISA proxies. I'm using CNTLM, an authentication "bridge". It listens on a port for requests from your applications, and forwards the requests to the ISA proxy while handling the authentication.

As shown in the page, you can get an installer from (SourceForge seems to have trouble).

1. To find out your NTLM hash and auth dialect, you run something like this:
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\Cntlm> cntlm -M -I  -d your_domain -u your_username proxy_addr:proxy_port
Config profile  1/4... OK (HTTP code: 301)
----------------------------[ Profile  0 ]------
Auth            NTLMv2
PassNTLMv2      43BF4B61E56EE20E7100A149B97E155C

CNTLM just guessed your authentication scheme and gave you the hash corresponding to your password.

2. Pick a port for CNTLM to listen on (say 9999), then you edit your cntlm.ini, in the same directory:
Code: [Select]
Username        your_username
Domain          your_domain
Proxy           proxy_addr:proxy_port
Auth            NTLMv2
PassNTLMv2      43BF4B61E56EE20E7100A149B97E155C
Listen          9999

3. The installer created a Windows service for your convenience, so you either type net start cntlm or rummage the Control Panel for the Services thing.

4. Now all that's left is configuring fb2k to talk to your service: File > Preferences > Networking > Specify proxy address [localhost:9999]

Of course, every time your password changes fb2k will complain about auth failure, and you will need to run cntlm -M -I (the rest of the options are already in the INI file), and substitute the new hash.

Hope this helps - yell if you have trouble.
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Foobar ISA proxy
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Works fine behind ISA here. Just fill out the Networking tab.

The only problem is that password storage is totally insecure.