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"Object not found", playlists useless!
My computer had a major crash and I sent it in for repairs. The idiot changed all my info from "Samsonite" to "Samantha" so my playlists have useless songs in them. I've tried changing my username and computer name, but still "C:\Users\Samsonite\" is now "C:\Users\Samantha\" so whenever a song tried to play an object not found error pops up. Is there anyway to:
A: Change all the directories, so that they look for "C:\Users\Samantha\" instead of "C:\Users\Samsonite\"?
B: Import my music again and make quick copies of the playlists?? selecting duplicates only or something? (I know you can delete duplicates, but I'd need to delete the non-duplicates or even just select duplicates or something)

I'm panicking cause I'm about to go on vacation with absolutely no playlists, and I have way to much music to sort again
Please please please help me, I'm technically useless and desperate.

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"Object not found", playlists useless!
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Similar question with a couple solutions:
~ Sorry for my bad english.

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"Object not found", playlists useless!
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foo_playlist_revive can update playlists to reflect new locations; you must scan the relevant files into the Media Library first.

As for changing the playlists themselves to reflect the new name, it would be possible if they were simple text playlists saved to disk, but AFAIK, it’s not possible if they’re built-in playlists in foobar2000’s own encoded FPL format.

Perhaps there are other options that I don’t know about.

Edit: Beaten by trout, who shows that there’s at least one other option! trout’s post #9 in that thread elaborates upon what I said above about textual playlists with an alternative solution based on find-and-replace within M3U files.
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