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How to express date range in tag
Recordings sometimes have date range, such as 2004.09.17 to 19 that I enter as 2004-09-17~19 in foobar2000.

Other recordings have like 1967.02.02~05;07;09 for a number of days in February 1967.

Is this alright?


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How to express date range in tag
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All right in what sense? Presumably whatever format you are currently using, which wasn’t specified, supports date tags that include arbitrary information rather than just a 4-digit year or some other defined pattern. In that case, there’s no external standard that says you can’t, or should, use any particular scheme. If the tagging format supports the information you’re storing, use whatever you like.

You might find that such information cannot be preserved in an identically named field if you later find yourself using an audio format using a more restrictive tagging scheme, i.e. one with defined frames, unlike the free-form nature of Vorbis Comments. This is most relevant for MP3: ID3v1 supports a 4-digit year only, ID3v2.3 supports only release and original year as YYYY and release month as DDMM, and ID3v2.4 supports date–time stamps in a more developed format; none support ranges. I’m not aware of how this would work in MP4, but I believe it is similar to MP3 in having a defined set of ‘standard’ fields and then others implemented as custom frames.

Of course, you can use custom-named fields in ID3v2.3 or MP4 to get around this, and if you were converting your current format to one of those, there’ll be a way to automatically copy your originally named fields to the new ones.

But having your files as you do right now shouldn’t cause any problems. They work, right? There’s your answer.

How to express date range in tag
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Thanks, db1989.

The so-tagged files didn't cause problems so far in foobar2000. My portable players cannot show.