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ASIO output Buffer not flushed when skipping track
Hello Folks,

I am running Foobar 1.2.3 Beta2 with the last MOTU ASIO driver (but this problem was present also in the previous versions of Foobar and of MOTU ASIO drivers).

All goes perfectly fine as I start foobar and I let it play through the playlist without any "change", but every time I skip a track (forward or backword) it happens that:
- a short silence is played (OK)
- but then the music restarts for a while with the previous lasting track, then short silence again, and finally the new wanted track starts to play correctly

I suppose it to be a bug of the MOTU ASIO driver or of Foobar that doesn't correctly flush the ASIO buffers before to send the new audio stream.

Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Andrea

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ASIO output Buffer not flushed when skipping track
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I have a similar problem with the XMOS drivers in ASIO that sometimes when I use the "play in foobar2000" right-click menu feature on a folder when already playing a tune, foobar is stuck playing the same very short buffer in loop and I have to kill "ASIOhost32.exe" manually for it to stop. There would appear to be some issue/deadlock with how the current buffer is handled when skipping tunes. Luckily my problem occurs very rarely so it's hardly a blocking issue. I mostly get it once a week or so.