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Converting mp3 stereo to mono (lossless)
I have a bunch of recordings that are mono by nature (speech), but have been encoded in forced stereo (not j-stereo) mode. The uncompressed versions no longer exist, so proper encoding from scratch is not possible.

Is there a tool for extracting one channel of these files and saving it as mono mp3s, without re-encoding?

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Converting mp3 stereo to mono (lossless)
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What you are asking is probably possible, but it is a lot of work just to make the files somewhat smaller. Unfortunately, the quality that was lost by using forced stereo can never be recovered.

Converting mp3 stereo to mono (lossless)
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Yes, file size optimization is what I'm looking for. 50% is a lot when you talk about large quantities. So basically nobody's ever done anything like that before because there's no demand?

Converting mp3 stereo to mono (lossless)
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I contacted the creator of mp3DirectCut and he also thought that it would be possible theoretically, but difficult to implement. So I guess I'm on my own here and have to program it myself. Thanks anyway.