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IEM Question
Hi guys.

I have a pair of Future Sonic Atrios, the ones with the MG7 10mm drivers, which I love.  Except for the fact that they don't really fit perfectly.  I guess I have larger than average ear canals or something, but the largest plugs (either the duo-flange silicon sleeves or the foam barrels) that come with the phones are too small (won't seal tightly even if I press the phones so far into my ears that the plastic housing is mashed up against the outside of my ear canal).  I tried sleeves from other vendors - the largest P-series from Comply, the Monster SuperTip sampler, several of the different styles of ProGuard EarPortz, and rather too many $$$ of others.  Nothing seals properly.  The largest Comply's are the best, and if I compress them into a tiny cylinder, lubricate it, get it as far as possible into my ears and hold it there until it fully expands, it ***JUST*** seals.  If I move suddenly or pull on the cord or do anything else that moves the phones, I lose the seal (and the bass, or most of it, anyway.)  It's pretty obvious they're not sealing tightly, as when I pull them out of my ears the shape of the foam is not altered by being in my ears - it's a perfectly round cylinder.

I'm thinking of trying the Future Sonic mg6Pro monitors with the custom molded bodies, but I was looking for feedback if anyone's had experience with moving from a universal fit IEM to a custom molded model, when the universal IEM just didn't fit right.  I know FutureSonics (and others...) offer a service providing custom molded sleeves that replace the standard tips on the IEM which I could try on the existing MG7s, but it seems that by the time I pay the audiologist's fee and the molding fee, and wait for them to be made, I might as well go ahead and get the whole shebang.

Oh, I know you're all well intentioned and stuff, but ***PLEASE*** don't go off track suggesting I try other brands of IEMs.  Before I settled on the Future Sonics, I tried several Klipsch models, the Monster Turbine Coppers, the Shure SE530s, UltimateEars TripleFi, EarSonics SM3, Grados (the 8's, not the 10's), Etymotic, Sennheiser (uh, IE60's?) and maybe a few others.  I just really, really like the Future Sonic sound.  I use a pair of Sennheiser Hd600 at work where I can't be totally isolated, and I like them also, although I guess it'd be hard to pick two more different sounding kinds of headphones.  Go figure.