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Portable bluetooth receiver
I'm looking to buy a portable bluetooth audio receiver, preferably one that can also run off battery power. Doing some searching it's tough to find anything that supports bluetooth 3.0 or higher (why is that? hasn't 3.0 been around for a while now?). I think I found the perfect device called the Avantree Roxa but I think it's made in china and I can only find one other website that sells the thing, so I'm very skeptical about buying it. Does anyone have any recommendations on other portable bluetooth receivers? All I want is to be able to plug a 3.5mm jack into it. Not too concerned about audio quality, but I want it to work well or else I'd just nab something cheap off monoprice. Thanks!

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Portable bluetooth receiver
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What's wrong with monoprice? Lots of people have reported here that they were very satisfied with their products, as have I.

Also, what isn't made in China these days. You can find very good as well as very bad products from there.