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[TOS #8/trolling] From: Resampler plugin

Using Foobar/SOX/ASIO/E-MU 1616m/Class T amplifier/Cabasse SCS loudspeaker & Sennheiser HD650

Again : thx for great work and pleasure you give to all of us
i7 3930K@4.4GHz & 16GB & E-MU 1616m+HD650+Cabasse SCS+Class D

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[TOS #8/trolling] From: Resampler plugin
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Can you actually tell the difference *in a blind test* on a normal signal? If so that's a PPHS bug that should be fixed. But I'd be really surprised if you can...

If you can't, TOS8 applies.

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[TOS #8/trolling] From: Resampler plugin
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TOS8 is inapplicable as always... How would he prove that to you? Send a notarized certification that he did ABX the two?

I was told by one of the mods in a similar situation that I cannot say that "In my experience DAC x sounds better than y" because I cannot prove that (my experience that is), but he can say that "both x and y sound the same" because he doesn't have to prove that. This completed with references to almighty wikipedia...

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[TOS #8/trolling] From: Resampler plugin
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All members that put forth a statement concerning subjective sound quality, must -- to the best of their ability -- provide objective support for their claims.
What about that “is inapplicable”? Never mind your little dig “as always”, which just demonstrates that you’re holding a grudge over being called out on your own violation. Even without that, this is plain trolling. The meaning of TOS #8 is perfectly clear: people must find a way to prove what they’re saying, or they cannot say it. If you don’t like that, stop posting.