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[TOS #9] Ignorant Kid wants to Know...
Hello There

I am an absolute beginner. I spent the last few months downloading loads of album in FLAC format using Bittorrent.

But lately, I've become concerned about the integrity of the music I've downloaded. In other words, how can I tell if the FLAC files I have are REAL flac files (and not just mp3 converted to FLAC)?

Question 2: when I download an album, is the presence of a LOG file a reliable way to detect if the files are really flac? If not, is there something that could help me to spot fake flac files? I've hear about Audiochecker and Tauanalyzer, but they don't seem very reliable...

Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native tongue.

Thanks for your kind answers!

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[TOS #9] Ignorant Kid wants to Know...
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[TOS #9] Ignorant Kid wants to Know...
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In the spirit of transparency, and perhaps so I can link here in the future:

Urgh, straight to the bin.

"No" is not much of an answer. Can you tell me what's wrong with my question?

The site explicitly disallows discussion of methods and avenues of bypassing copyright, as per #9 of the Terms of Service.

We are also not interested in becoming a haven for people who want to verify the quality of files that they obtain by such means. This applies especially when they seem to have registered simply to ask such questions. The site is for discussing the technology involved in storing and reproducing audio, not in working out whether audio obtained from other people is of legitimate origin.

If your thread had been left open, most of the answers would have been people telling you that if you want to be certain about quality and source, you should rip the CD yourself or purchase it from a retailer who provides such information; either that, or ask the person who gave it to you. Perhaps it would have descended into some kind of argument over whether torrenting is fine, whether you thought it was anyone’s business how you obtain your files in relation to your question, etc. At the very least, you would probably have been advised to search for one of the various previous threads discussing the functionality and reliability of supposed origin-checking programs.

So, with the combination of the site’s rules and the likely fate of threads like this, we’re more inclined not to bother with them now. I hope this answers your question.