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[Feature Request] Random function for foo_skip

Hello to everyone,
i look everything, and rand() don't work from foo_skip query, and i don't found a compatible plugin that enable some random function, or a similar function that give me the posibility to make some real random query.
I try with crc32() and test everything varabile, and nothing it's real random because all depends from the single track that you will to play, and i need some external (like system date), or can make rand() function works in that query.

If someone find an answer, i can help to make some good querys for prefer some song's (by rating or similar), just i want to made... but today, it was imposible.


[Feature Request] Random function for foo_skip

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I added support for $rand() function in the latest version. For example to skip about one out of three tracks you can use query "$mod($rand(),3) IS 0".

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