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EAC C2 error correction
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My last post was a bit difficult to follow if taken on its own, and I really considered removing it, the preceding post and everything that came afterward.  Then I thought perhaps they're ok.  On the one hand we don't like useless thread resurrection, but on the other hand we don't like people continually starting new topics that have already been addressed.

In this most recent case, I don't know if it's so much about DAE, but maybe how to write wave files to a data disc.

My response was going to be to archive lossless compressed rather than wave since 80 minutes of PCM will not fit on a data disc.  Then I thought, who still archives data to CD-R?  They only hold about a seventh of what can be stored on writable DVD.  Besides, isn't it commonly understood that dye-based optical media is subject to degradation over time and this makes it a pretty unattractive solution for archival or long-term backup?

Anyway, I'd like to give our new first-time poster a few days to respond and then I will probably close this discussion.  If he doesn't respond then I will bin his post and close this discussion.

EDIT: The malformed/misleading title doesn't help.  Error correction at the C2 level happens in the hardware; EAC nor any other ripping program has any control over it.
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