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CD Ripping robots available, with support.
Hi HA folks,

[I may be skirting past the acceptable limits of TOS #14 here, but hopefully you'll forgive this once.]

Basically, I have too many CD ripping robot boxes taking up space in my living room and bedroom.

You should take them off my hands because I am selling them off cheap!

Pricing is $130+S/H each for 50-disc CD robots, NEW IN BOX, acquired from an equipment recovery warehouse several years ago. The retail price for this type of machine elsewhere is $400 to $600 new. I also include the driver I wrote for dbpoweramp's batch ripper as well as my iTunes automator for less secure-ripping savvy folks. The included Teac CD-W552DA CD-RW drive is fast, has reliable C2 and appears to have 0 cache.

Here is a permanent link to my wiki page, with machine details and my contact info:

If you feel safer going through ebay, you can do so here:

Significant discounts are available for non-profit organizations and for people near the Washington, DC area who would like to do a local pickup from Arlington, VA.

Please help me to clear out my living space. These robots need to lead productive lives in happy homes.

Hacking CD Robots & Autoloaders: