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REQ Individual speaker control with presets and shuffle
Ability to control each speaker (satellite/woofer) individually with save/load presets and shuffle them.

This way when I acces my netbook dedicated radio stream machine foobar aknowlegdes my position according to the speaker set and restyles the music. Being away from keyboard or with the press of a key/shortcut go back into the other mode.

Acces the plugin from front foobar (right there with volume and progress bar) without going to components.
(wich I find a huge drawback in foobar!).
Switching from mono to stereo ,ect wich I find stimulating. (it all depends on the content of the music).

Soothing the listener and preventing fatigue, handy for  keeping a constant music going, blocking out unwanted noise.
Using the recording device to compare the room noise to the outputed sound can also improve the listening experience depending on the users needs.

Along with request I made in another tread

Personally I have the resox plugin on almost always.
Would be nice to be able to program the changes made in that plugin (or any plugin for others) into a preset.

Winamp has a plugin eax2.0 in wich you have a virtual room and a user you can configure and simulates the user walking across the room restyling the music (I liked!)
I think these are called doppler effects.

ps2 I use a 2 splitters on my netbook stereo out to feed the 3 jacks of a 5.1 speaker set. Any advice on getting most of out this system.
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