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CD will not play on Mac OS X...
I have 2 cd's that will not play in my iMac.  I am using OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion, and I have the latest iTunes 11.0.1.  Both of these CD's are Columbia(Sony).  One is out of the Bruce Springsteen Collection 1973-1984 box set.  The CD Darkness On The Edge Of Town is the only one in that box set that will not play in my Mac.  The other CD is from the recently released Johnny Cash Complete Columbia Albums Collection box set.  The CD from this set that has the problem is The Highwaymen - Highwayman.  When I put the cd's in my iMac they are recognized and iTunes opens, but when I try to play the CD it just cycles very fast through the tracklist and doesn't play any audio.  I wonder if Sony has some weird form of drm on these cd's?  I tried these in Windows XP and got the same results.  I did try Isobuster and it shows an extra track at the beginning of the disc Track 00, and it reports the size of that track is 8.0 TB.  How is this evan be possible?

I hope someone has some answers to this, because google doesn't.