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OSX Music Player Suggestions
i recently switched to a mac whch has been good on every level except for a decent music player. im not saying there arent any good ones, but it seems like none of them does the things im looking for.

once upon a time i noticed that "albums" are pretty much irrelevant to me. mainly because when i listen through albums i like to keep only the tracks i really like and delete the others, so i have a lot of artists in my music library but not many songs from each one.

now im looking for a music player/media center on OSX that has similar features to foobars File Operation, so i can structure my music library "Music/Artist/Songtitle.mp3" i tried itunes, which i always hated, Clementine, Sonora, Winamp and Miro. Miro actually has a interface that i really like, but doesnt feature what im looking for.

does anybody know a music player on OSX that can do this? im starting to think there isnt one, so maybe a combination of different software? Miro as my msuic player and just a program that automates the library sctructuring process. man, i miss foobar....

thanks so much for your time!


OSX Music Player Suggestions
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I think the (unfortunate) answer is there is likely no F2K substitute for OS X. I can't be certain because I've never gone out of my way to find one. (iTunes suits me well enough.)

Have you considered running a VM? I can't quite get my head around your insistence that songs not be grouped by Album within Artist folders...
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OSX Music Player Suggestions
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Try Vox, a simple Winamp like player (BTW: is the only one I know on Mac that does crossfeed).
Anyway iTunes has a lot of options different than album view to browse a library. The column browser, for example, let you search fast by artist and select all his songs. You can also rate songs manually or automatically based on the frequency of your selections, and preventing from appearing all songs below a defined threshold (this may suite your needs without deleting tracks). Smart playlist is also a very powerful tool.

Remember also that you can always use the Finder for folder browsing and press space to play the selected song(s) via QuickTime player.
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