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Different files dimensions.
Hi and happy new year to all.
I have a simple question... so don't fire me  .
For fun i have ripped some audio discs with DbPoweramp and EAC.
I have noticed that dimension of the extracted files of the same songs is slightly different.
The difference is the total dimension, just some bytes, but is different (i have used wav format for convenience).
If i check the audio files with the function 'compare wav' in EAC tools everything is ok.
If i create a CRC control the return is different (obviously).
Wav is not compress and so the total dimension should be identical.
Why ?
All tracks are accurate ripped and have the same name and characters.
Thanks in advance.

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Different files dimensions.
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Just because the format is uncompressed doesn't mean the file size is fixed.  Different WAV programs are free to write different amounts of metadata with the file.

Different files dimensions.
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Thanks for the answer Saratoga .