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Rio 500 - Problem with Smartmedia-Card
Hi folks,

I have a diamond rio 500 with a 128MB-Smartmedia-Card for about three years now.
Everything worked fine until I put the card in another Player for testing.
I formatted the Card with this player, but I only got an error.
Now, I tried to put it back into the Rio and format it with it.
The Player and the Rio-Software recognize the card, S/W reports 112 MB used space on the card...
I can't create a folder and formatting results in an error, too.

I don't know what to do next or if the card is destroyed...

Maybe someone can help me with this...

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Rio 500 - Problem with Smartmedia-Card
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The only thing that would format a Rio 500 smart media card for me was a Creative Labs Nomad IIc...even a PC flash writer would not touch it.

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Rio 500 - Problem with Smartmedia-Card
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That doesn't sound good

Have tried to format the card a hundred times with various software (RioRio, RioPort, RioFXP, etc...)
On some I get only a message "media could not be formatted".
Used space is reported to be about 130MB, so there should be data on the card...

Is there any chance to format the card to factory-settings or sth?