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Topic: Foobar2000 1.2 with Soundforge 10.0d b506 (Read 627 times) previous topic - next topic

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Foobar2000 1.2 with Soundforge 10.0d b506
Hi everyone !

I'd like to report a problem when using soundforge while foobar is runing.

I try to explain (sorry for my english, i'm a french guy):
I do a lot of vinyl rip with my gear and i use soundforge to record and edit the files.
Once i achieved the ripping process, i do some treatment using soundforge.

As i do not need any sound to do this treatment sometimes i launch foobar to listen to some music, i chose what i want to listen and go back to soundforge. Here is the problem, each time i do that, when i go back to soundforge, launch the batch converter, select the files i want to edit, go to the process tab and choose whitch effect i want (iZotope 64bit SRC mot of the time) soundforge crash. When i do it whitout foobar running there is no problem at all. The problem also appear if i open an audio file and directly go to process, resample, iZotope 64bit SRC; or if i try to normalize the sound file. But it do not occur when i select spectrum analysis and scan the file.

I do not now if I expose it properly and just want to report this issue.
I'll do not use foobar and soundforge at the same time that all !