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[Audio] Noob setting up 5.1 on a gaming computer!

Over the last week I have gone from being a total caveman at audio to being less of a caveman at audio.
I have gained some knowledge, read forums up and down, googled here and there and I am left with a few questions.

But first I will tell you my purposes;

5.1 surround system with my gaming computer
    - Gaming is first priority
    - Blu-ray is second priority

While keeping in mind that only hdmi and multichannel analog can carry lossless PCM(Or PCB?) signals, here are my questions:

1.  I have chosen to go with a sound card instead of a  receiver. In that case I am forced to use 6 x RCA analog cables from the speakers to the sound card. True or false?

2. Most sound cards have three inputs, Green-(left,right) Black-(rear-left,rear-right) Orange-(Center,LFE(Sub)). I noticed these fit perfectly with "PC speakers". What if I wanted to connect 5.1 surround speakers that were originally meant for a home theater, on a TV?

3.  Are there any sound cards that support 6 channel analog inputs to go with the 6 RCA cables?? If yes, please link me some good options. Price doesn't matter. Or are the 6 channels distributed over the three inputs?

4. If I were to go with a HDMI cable, I have to use a receiver instead. True or false?

5. I have seen video cards being mentioned in some forums about audio and sound cards, what's that all about? How does a GPU comes into play here? Provide a detailed description please!

Finally, here is a general question if you want to add a general detailed description instead...... How do I setup a 5.1 surround system to my computer that will take use of lossless audio? (wav samples at 1411kbit bitrate(4233kbit bitrate) or more)

Thanks in advance,

- lillemakken

P.S! ..... Everything is so far hypothetical. I have not yet bought anything. I am in the planning stage
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