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ReplayGain value ignored
Hello. I am currently transcoding some FLAC files and noticed that the ReplayGain value is being ignored during playback and transcode. The FLAC files contain embedded cuesheet (single FLAC file per CD with embedded cuesheet within the VORBIS_COMMENT field). The cuesheet does not contain any ReplayGain values. Foobar version is 1.2.

If I use metaflac to scan and add ReplayGain to the FLAC file I see that it is added to the VORBIS_COMMENT field. However, Foobar does not appear to read the ReplayGain values when the FLAC file contains an embedded cuesheet; the parser seems to skip over the values. If I remove the embedded cuesheet leaving the ReplayGain values only then ReplayGain is applied. Also, if I use Foobar to scan the FLAC then it adds the ReplayGain values to the embedded cuesheet. This too works though I would prefer to use metaflac within my command line script and avoid modification of the cuesheet.

I guess the question is this behaviour expected, a bug in the parser or am I doing something wrong? To summarise, if the FLAC contains an embedded cuesheet then ReplayGain values within the VORBIS_COMMENT appear to be ignored unless the ReplayGain values are within the cuesheet itself.

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ReplayGain value ignored
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This is expected behaviour for files containing an embedded cuesheet. - my components for foobar2000