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Help please with UPnP
Hi, I am a newbie to Foobar, and have 1.2 Beta.

I have oShare on my Win 7 PC, and am streaming to an Oppo93 via ethernet cable. I have now installed 1.2 Beta with both UPnP Output and Rendered (etc) components.

The reason I installed Foobar was that I was unhappy with the oshare performance- kept stopping/freezing and the play order was based on the "filename" not "Track number" (ie played 1, then 11, 12 and then track 2. etc)

However on my Oppo I cannot see the Foobar music server, only oShare. What do I need to to to change the preference to Foobar. I also have 192/24 FLAC files on the PC- anything I need to consider.

Many thanks