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Example of using Lame dll tag functions
I need to write a Win32 C++ program to encode .wav files using the lame encoder. I started with an example in the Lame installation of loading and then making calls to the lame_enc.dll to do this task, and it contains calls such as:

. . .
beEncodeChunk(hbeStream, dwRead/2, pWAVBuffer, pMP3Buffer, &dwWrite);
. . .

The encoding is working well but I also need to set the artist and title tags in the encoded MP3 file. It doesn't appear that there are any tag writing functions in lame_enc.dll but I noticed that it loads libmp3lame.dll, which does contain tag writing functions, such as id3tag_set_artist() .

Is there an example somewhere that shows how to use these "id3tag" dll functions in combination with the "be" dll functions that I am already using?

If there is a better forum to ask this programming question in please let me know.